Results 2009

Winter 2009
Under 6yrs Individual Kata
1st. Eimear O’Donnell
2nd. Stefann Borrs
3rd Kevin O’ Brien.
Under 8yrs Individual Kata
1st Katie-Lee Tobin Jones 9pts
2nd Cathal O’Malley 7.7pts
2nd Ryan Deegan 7.7pts
3rd Casey Quinn 7.25pts
Under 13 years YellowGreen
1st Leighton Egan 7.1pts
2nd Mathew Nolan 6.6pts
Under 13 years BluePurple
1st Lauren Gaffney 9.5pts
2nd Kevin Carrolan 8.2pts
3rd Ciara Deegan 7.7pts
Sorcha O’Donnell
Niamh Mc Donald
Under 13 Brown Belts
1st Ben Hageman
2nd Oisin Ward O Brien
3rd Thomas Lynch
3rd Niamb Curtis
Under 13 years Free-Style Kata

1st Hannah Tobin Jones 8.7pts
2nd Megan Jones 8.2pts

Summer 2009
Instructor Brendan Donnelly with some of the individual winners

Under 8 years YellowGreen

1st Kevin Carolan 8.7
2nd Ryan Deegan 7.7
3rd Casey Donnelly 7.2

Under 8 years BlueBrown

1st Kattie Lee Tobin Jones 9
2nd Sean Loughrey 8.5
3rd Cathal O Malley 7.6

Under 13 years YellowGreen

1st Lauren Gaffney 9.5
2nd Amy Brennan 9
3rd Aisling Keane 8.2

Under 13 years BlueBrown

1st Thomas Lynch 8.7
2nd Elizabeth Borrs 7.7
3rd Dean Morgan 3.6

Under 13 years Free-Style Kata

1st Ben Hageman 8.5
2nd Hannah Tobin Jones 8.2
3rd Megan Jones 7.7

Team Events

Kihon Kata
1st place
Alanna Hannigan
Rory O Reilly
Emma Clinton

2nd Place
Meegan Boyd
Stephan Boors

3rd Place
James O Neill
Ben Mc Girr
John Callan

Henien Kata

1st Place
Hannah Tobin Jones
Lauren Gaffney
Ciara Deegan

2nd Place
Niamh Curtis
Ryan Degan
Rory O Reilly

3nd Place
Elizabeth Boors
Sean Loughrey

1st Place
Kattie Tobin Jones
Hannah Tobin Jones
Niamh Curtis

2nd Place
Ben Hageman
Megan Jones
Thomas lynch

3rd Place
Thomas Lynch
Dean Morgan
Shane Bolger