Results 2008

Congratulations to Hannah Tobin-Jones on coming 3rd place at the International Golden Dragon Tournament which took place on the 19th of April 2008 in Ardee.

Well done to all those who took part!!


Chris Curtis

Ben Hageman

Megan Jones

Thomas Lynch

Niamh Curtis

Dean Morgan

Results 2008

Individual Kata Under 8’s
Yellow & Orange Belt
1st Ciara Deegan 8.5
2nd Saoirse O Donnell 7.8
3rd Casey Donnelly Quinn 7.7
Green Brown
1st Sean Loughrey 8.8
2nd Andrew Keane 8.7
3rd Kattie Tobin Jones 8.2

Under 13’s
1st Jesse O’Reilly 8.2
2nd Elizabeth Borrs 7.7
3rd Amy Brennan 7.6
1st Ben Hageman 10
2nd Hannah Tobin Jones 9
3rd Megan Jones 8.7

Kihon Kata Team

1st Ryan Deegan, Ciara Deegan, Kattie Tobin Jones 9.7
2nd Emer O Donnell, Saoirse O Donnell, Niamb Curtis 7.2
3rd Aoibain Mc Guire, Jesse Brady, Leo Brady 6.7

Heian Kata Team
1st Hannah Tobin Jones, Niamb Curtis, Megan Jones 9
2nd Thomas Lynch, Ben Hageman, Kattie Tobin Jones 8.7
3nd Elizabeth Borrs, Aisling Keane, Andrew Keane 7.7