Team Ireland

Terms and Conditions

  • The WKC World Championships is an open championships regardless of style and affiliation however to take part you must be a member of a national Team.
  • All competitors on Team Ireland must be approved by the WKC – Ireland selection Committee (President, Vice President and WKC Secretary)
  • Competitors should be aware that bad behaviour/disqualifications at National Competitions and International Competitions will impact negatively on their application.
  • All competitors are required to have their own/club insurance.
  • The group of competitors and coaches, for the duration of the World Championships will be refereed to as “Team Ireland” and are required to behave as a team regardless of style or club.
  • All competitors and coaches are required to wear the official “Team Ireland” uniform as decided by the WKC – Ireland committee for the opening ceremony and Official Photographs.
  • Competitors may wear their club uniforms and logos while competing.
  • “Team Ireland” is required by the WKC International to walk in as a team at the opening ceremony.
  • Failure to comply with the rules may result in refusal of entry even after registration and entry fees have been paid. Refunds of entry fees will be a matter between the competitor and WKC International.