muay-thai-punches-straight  Jab- The jab is used to irritate the opponent or to find the range. Accurate and skillful jabbing will cause a lot of anxiety for the opponent. To throw this kind of punch accurately, one has to practice on the punching bag. The jab could be used in the attack, defense, or retreat.
 muay-thai-punches-hook  Hook Punch-(Mat wiang san) Hook mainly used to attack side facial area such as the temple, nose and ear. To do the hook you need to bending elbow a bit, then using the back of the knuckle to attack. To increase the effectiveness of the hook, use the same technique as do the straight punch by twisting the shoulders.
 muay-thai-punches-uppercut  Upper Cut-(Mat soei) The uppercut punches mainly target to attack chin and stomach. When do the uppercut you should bend the knee and the elbow a bit, then make a ounch vertically to attack opponent. Uppercut will be used effectively when opponent is very close or when they are stooping, but sometimes, it is also possible to attack by knee kick instead of uppercut.
 Mae_Mai_Muay_Thai_Khuanyak_Jab_Ling_11  The Swing Punch-(Mat wiang yao) Generally, the swing is thrown at a further distance than the one covered by the hook. The favorite targets of the swing are around the jaw line or as low as the ribs. This punch could be thrown when there is a gap on the opponent’s body or face. When the punch hits the target, make sure that the knuckles bear the brunt of the impact.
 StPunch  The Straight Punch-( Mat Throng) Muay Thai Straight Punches In Muay Thai, we use straight punch mainly to attack opponent’s facial area such as chin, nose and mouth. To increase the effectiveness of the punch, use the knuckle to attack the opponent as well as twisting the shoulders. This kind of punch is mostly used after the jab. Normally, the jab is punch thrown to find the range, so it would be followed by the straight punch which is widely known as the one-two punch.



Round Kicks

 downwardkick  Roundkick  Chiang
  Downward Kick -Tae Kot….Round house kick with a downward motions after striking the target  Tae (d)Tat(cut).. or Tae Wiang(Round) This round kick hits the target parallel to the ground.  Tae Chiang.. Oblique round kick, the kick is delivered at a 45 degree angle from the ground.


Knee Strikes

Horizontal Knee Strike Khao (d)Tat (Cutting Knee)thumbnail.aspx

 jump_knee_112x150  Kow Throng
Jumping knee (Kow Loy)…jumping knee this technique is directed at the head , chest or stomach.It can be practiced on the kick bag or striking pads Straight Knee (Kow Throng)….This knee is driven forward by the use of the hips into the target


Elbow techniques

The use of the elbow is very effective at close range. Below are some of the most commonly used techniques.


Striking elbow; this used to attack target areas around the chin, nose, between the eyebrows and the solar plexus. To practice this method of striking with the elbow, simply bend the elbow closely against the arm, twist the shoulder, and trust your body in the opposite direction, while aiming to strike the elbow against the upper body targets.


Hit Elbow




Return Back Elbow: this strike is preformed by side stepping your opponent and striking back with the elbow to the back of his head or neck. This strike can be performed also if your opponent side steps you as you punch. On the return of your your punch use the elbow strike  elbowret_187x250


Cutting elbow; by raising the arm at a 90 degree angle to the armpit, and the hand a 30 degree angle to the elbow, the elbow is parallel to the ground at all time, even during the swinging movement. This move targets the jaws, chin or even the rib. Another target are the eyes. For basic training the punch bag is the best tool. To use the cutting elbow effectively, move one foot forward, putting pressure on the ball of the foot to establish a firm base. Follow with the back leg, and be ready to twist the heel to add to the momentum of the elbow cut.  elbow-strikes-cut


Diagonal elbow; Raise your arm with it pointing forward at a 90-degree angle to the armpit. Then bend the elbow at a 45-degree angle to the face with your fist in front of the opposite eyebrow. This initial stance also serves to protect against punches from your opponent. To launch this strike if you are striking with the left elbow move your right foot forward with the left leg behind. Following this position your right foot close to the opponent, and twist your shoulder to thrust the elbow diagonally upward. Uppercut elbow; the elbow is often used in conjunction with the uppercut punch, however it can be more powerful than a punch. To execute you must quickly place your foot between the opponent legs with one arm prying open the guard, and rapidly launch the elbow directly upward while aiming for the chin and instantly straighten your body.



Equipment Kick and punch bags should be part of all Muay Thai Boxers training regime if they want to get a real sense of what it feels like to make impact with the target.

They are a good way to increase accuracy and build power and strength also it is less damaging to the limb joints than snapping a kick or punch out in thin air. The tall bag as used in Muay Thai is a particularly good piece of equipment as you can practice your kicks and punches though out all the ranges.


Elbow strike on heavy bag elbowhit_187x250 a11_187x250

Jumping “Round-Knee”