Mission Statement

Welcome to the World Karate & Kickboxing Council “The Original and Best” website (Ireland). This site has been organised with the intention of promoting W.K.C. Points Karate, Light Contact and Forms in Ireland and worldwide. It will also serve as a complete W.K.C. source of  information for it’s members.

The following is our Mission Statement. Taken directly from WKC internationals website which can be viewed in total here.

“It is our intention to breathe new life and fresh impetus into mat sports. For too long the businessmen and the politicians have run our sport at world level to the extent of financially crippling visiting world teams with the costs of getting to a World Championships spiraling out of control. To the extent of the people who really matter “the competitors” not being able to afford to attend their own World Championships. These enormous financial strictures have seen the interest and participation of our sport sadly decline in numbers over the last few years.

The establishing of the world’s first ever Points Karate, Light Contact & Forms ONLY organisation has been in the pipeline for a number of years. We at the W.K.C. promise in perpetuity that the Council will only ever follow the dictate of always keeping costs to a minimum. Thus keeping in touch with not just the sport in general, but also the people that take part, YOU, the competitor.

We bring to the table over 60 years of martial arts experience, expertise, and tournament promoting. We can promise all prospective and future W.K.C national Team members from countries around the globe that our world championship tournaments will offer a platform where you can fight or perform without prejudice and without fear of second rate referees and judges.

A World Championships is our own martial arts Olympics and a good world organization should reflect this. We at the W.K.C will always do so. Good luck to all of you on your journey to the World Gold Medal.”

The WKC (Ireland) is committed to the above, we will strive to select the best competitors to represent Ireland in WKC international events regardless of political organisation affiliation. No joining fees, instructors you take charge of your own competitors, compete, win go home no interference from WKC- Ireland.


Contact us if you would like to be part of the Irish team competing in the World Championships (Original and Best)in October 2017.

Email team@wkc.ie