Grading Brown Belt 2nd KYU

Grading tests are a demonstration of a student’s level of proficiency they are not the sum total of what the student has learned to achieve the grade. Classes will include various applications of the techniques demonstrated and also alternative techniques which can be used for self defence and competitions.belt

The following techniques performed from  Uchi Hachji Dachi with high guard

  1. Uchi-Hachi-Ji-Dachi_fullStraight punch
  2. Sword hand strike
  3. Ridge hand strike
  4. High section block and punch
  5. Low section Block and punch
  6. Reverse sword hand
  7. Outer Block
  8. Body Straight punch 45 Deg
  9. Side hook puch
  10. Back Hand strike fromt
  11. Back hand strike rear
  12. Elbow and over shoulder punch,
  13. Front kick
  14. Round kick
  15. Side kick
  16. Back Kick


Pad work

7 Basic Elbows

3 Knee techniques Front knee, round knee and angle knee

Turning side kick, step up side kick.


koshigurumaKoshi Gurmoro single leg throw

Sanbon Kumite

Lunge Punch 1-6. Front Kick 1 & 2


Inside and outside wrist lock.