Grading Brown Belt 1st Kyu

Grading tests are a demonstration of a student’s level of proficiency they are not the sum total of what the student has learned to achieve the grade. Classes will include various applications of the techniques demonstrated and also alternative techniques which can be used for self defence and competitions.


Junzuki  No Tsukkomi on the count moving forward, turning Age Uke.

Gyakuzuki No Tsukkomi on the count moving forward turning downward block.

Stepping forward Sword hand strike, turn sword hand block.

Stepping forward Ridge hand strike, turn sword hand block.

Jumping front kick Backhand strike.

Pad work

Combination No.3

4 standing forward Knees and Forward Jumping Knee.

Jumping turning side kick.

Round kick turning hook kick.

Take Downs

Forward headlock, Reverse headlock.

Strangle Holds 3

Sanbon Kumite 1-8

Kicks Sanbon 1-4

Knife defence 1-3

Baton defence 1