Equipment:All competitors MUST wear a traditional white uniform. Turn ups on Sleeves and trousers are not permitted.
WKF type Kumite Mitts and Boots MUST be worn. Groin Guards MUST also be
worn by male competitors.
Head Guards are compulsory to ensure the safety of all competitors
1 x Red Belt & 1 x Blue Belt.

Supplied by event organiser.
It is Highly Recommended that competitors wear a suitable body guard.
Please see pictures below for examples of equipment type


Scoring:The match will be judged by the use of a Senior Referee and a Shadow Referee and one Arbitrator.
The referees will award points for clean traditional techniques that are delivered with accuracy and under control.
1 point will be awarded for a clean strike to the body or face area
2 points will be awarded for a clean combination technique using two or more techniques simultaneously including clean controlled take-downs. Clean attacks to the back area.
3 points will be awarded for clean controlled kicks to the head
The competitor with 8 clear points or the highest score at the end of the match will be the winner.
Matches will be 1.5 mins for eliminations and 2 mins for finals
Winners of each round MUST give their name to the score keeper to ensure correct fighter is placed through to next round.
Sweeping Techniques:(Ashi Barrai) Sweeping is permitted only foot to foot (Boot to Boot). All sweeps must be immediately followed by a
legitimate striking technique to be awarded as a combination.
Throwing:All throws must be carried out in a safe manner and under control.
All sweeps must be immediately followed by a legitimate striking technique to be awarded as a combination.
Penalties: Excessive contact leaving mark or minor injury (winding)

Members of Seishin freestyle Karte Ireland "Kumite" Ireland 2008
Members of Seishin Freestyle Karate Ireland “Kumite” Ireland 2008

Leaving the area

Unsportsmanlike conduct

3 x warnings equal 1 point deduction
Failure to attend area after name called 3 times

Intentional Drawing Blood
or Causing Injury

Interference from Coaches or Spectators

1 x Warning then

Banned techniques:
The following techniques are banned and will lead to warnings and disqualification
Attacks to the back of the head, legs or arms
Spinning Back Fist
Spinning Kicks of any type
Elbow and Knee Strikes
Upper Cuts and Swinging Type Punches
Axe Kicks
Head Butts
Scratching or Gouging